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One size does not fit all

Every business needs something unique and the site needs to show the difference and encourage sales.

Page Layout Options

The 'Add to Cart' button

Custom layouts and text. Use it to highlight good reasons to buy.

Add to Basket, Add to Cart, Add to Cart - Free Delivery, Spoil Yourself... you decide.

The button in the product category view can say something different to the single product page. 

Custom Page Layouts

The page layout is just as important. Highlighting the product features makes it easier for customers to make a decision.

The highlighted features make it easier for customers to find the information they need to make a purchase.

This is achieved by adding video, galleries, product details, associated products and content elements that keep the customer engaged.

Easy to select custom product information

Adding additional content is as simple as selecting the content from a library of pre-made content.

The library ensures the content is available to be used in more than one product. No need to re-create the information each time. Create once and use wherever required.

Custom product galleries

Create custom galleries that display separately. Instead of showing all the images together, creating separate galleries makes it easier to highlight different features and benefits of the product.

Customised product upsell and cross sell

Create a more personal / relevant selection of products. This not only encourages more sales but also educates the customer about what's possible with the product.

This is created in a way so that the heading text can be customised. Instead of the standard 'Related Products' title, the title could read 'Recommended to be used with this product', 'Double the functions with these add-on's' etc.

More relevant title and messages will make more sense to your customer.

Additional Information at the Checkout

Collect any additional information at the checkout. In this case the delivery time and message for some flowers. Include just about any field type, from selecting dates to text fields.

Prefer to quote and not sell online, or would like quote and sell, or just a quote?

Customers are able to select items and include in a quote basket. In some cases you might want to offer both options. That can also be done.

There's a whole lot more...

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